Integrated Marketing


Marketing is not "selling."  These terms are used interchangeably by many, and should never be.



Marketing is the advertising and promotion of a property (product/service, etc.) that lets potential buyers know that a special opportunity has become available, and they should hurry and come to see if it could be "the one."

We distill the mission of real estate marketing to one simple formula:  "Nobody will buy your home . . . without seeing it; and Nobody will come to see it unless they know it's there."  Simple and true, but often overlooked.  The primary objective of real estate marketing is to get potential buyers in the door.

Our integrated marketing program incorporates print media, electronic and internet advertising for local, domestic and international advertising of all properties listed with The Palm Beaches Team.

We provide Custom, Single-Property Websites for every listing.  Try this one for example: [Click to see sample single property website]


  • We design and prepare Premium, full color, 4 to 8 page, 110 lb glossy brochures (11" x 17" folded) on every property.  Our superior print marketing substantially supplements the MLS listings and our internet marketing.

Most investors and real estate agents don't do "marketing." Why?  Because it is seen an unnecessary out-of-pocket expense.  From our decades of experience, we understand the criticality of marketing.  (OK we took a page from Madison Avenue. . . but a very good one!)  While, yes it is an expense, it yields higher prices in shorter periods of time . . . it's truly a wise "investment in success!"

  • Our internet marketing is unmatched.  We syndicate our properties across hundreds of real estate related website for truly global exposure.
  • A simple MLS listing will NOT achieve top dollar offers in short periods of time.  Postiing a listing in the MLS is not a "marketing program," it is only one single component of a professional, integrated marketing program.
     Scan QR Code!:      Printed Links to        Listing Video Tour

     Scan QR Code!:
     Printed Links to        Listing Video Tour


  • Direct Mail, Brochure Box Flyers, you name it, we do it, Public Open Houses and Broker tours; even publishing QR Codes.

    We do it  . . . because it works.  









  • We employ sophisticated, professional, video production software to prepare and host Virtual on-line Tours, in-house.   These are also posted on the domestic and international MLS's and syndicated around the world.



  • We also produce CD-Rs of these Virtual Tours as marketing collateral material give-aways at the property for showings as well as for Open Houses.



  • The Palm Beaches and South Florida are Global Destinations. We have a full appreciation of that, and have aggressively addressed this through our Membership in The International Multiple Listing Service (IMLS).  Your property will be marketed on the IMLS through the Palm Beaches Team's Gateway to the IMLS Global portal.  Your property will be marketed among exclusive global, luxury listings.  Your property will be advertised by The Palm Beaches Team through the IMLS to more that 70 Countries in more than 100 languages.

     . . .  No Stone un-turned.