Top National Experts get your Short Sale Approved . . . FREE!
Absolutely No Cost to you!  Avoid Foreclosure and Bankruptcy.


After more than a decade of helping hundreds of homeowners & investors extricate themselves from financially untenable home loan obligations, that require an immediate sale to avoid foreclosure, we stand as "the experts" to help you.  Regardless of one's loan-to-value balances, we stand ready to help again and again.

We have extensive, successful experience, saving hundreds of homeowners from the tragedy of foreclosure.  We have enabled them transition into a new season in their lives, with a fresh financial start!  99%+ of our clients have had their loan balances forgiven and the loan balance deficiencies likewise forgiven.  We get you a fresh start.  Period.

We know circumstances causing the need to sell a home in a rush are varied and different for everyone's circumstances.  Always unexpected, and always emotionally stressful!  We understand.

  • Loss of Market Value
  • Job Loss
  • Downgrade
  • Job Transfer/Forced Relocation
  • Divorce
  • Death of Spouse

No matter what, nobody can foresee the circumstances and the unexpected life changes that can quickly accelerate one's situation to a crisisl status.  But when times require it, we are here to help.  Remember, it's just not your fault.  We know that.

There is never any cost to you, the homeowner.  Our bank negotiation services are completely free to the homeowner.  Yes, 100% Free.  The bank will pay all the broker fees and administrative fees.  We accept whatever they agree to.  Have a concern?  Let us know, we will be glad to provide client references to verify our expertise and success track record.

We are your absolute best ticket out to a new beginning.  Call us, we have the top expertise and really do care, and there is "never any cost or fee to you."

Thank you for considering us and allowing us to help you through a difficult time.

Helping you would be our highest privilege.