List of Needed Items

(Items in BOLD are priority items)

Most needed:

Cereal, Hearty Soups, Cooking Oil

Non-Perishable Food Items:

o   Canned Meat

o   Canned Fruit

o   Canned Tuna, Chicken

o   Canned Beans, any kind

o   Coffee

o   Dried Beans

o   Canned Corn and other Veggies

o   Brown Rice

o   Canned Soups

o   Ready-to-Cook Rice or Couscous

o   Long Grain White Rice

o   Canned 'Tomatoes

o   Pasta Sauce

o   Fruit Cocktail

o   Side Dishes

o   Soy Milk

o   Canned Milk

o   Durable 'Milk, Dehydrated Milk

o   Texturized Vegetable Protein

o   Pasta, Dried Mashed Potatoes

o   Hamburger Helper. Rice-a- Roni, etc.

o   Salad Dressing

o   Macaroni & Cheese


Especially for the Homeless:

o   Sleeves of Crackers

o   Vienna Sausages

o   Small Pork and Beans

o   Small Tuna, Chicken

o   Fruit or Applesauce Cups

o   Pop Tarts, Snack Bars

o   Peanut Butter

o   Cheese Crackers


Especial/for the Seniors:

o   Dried Fruits

o   Ready-made Jell-O & Pudding

o   Ensure Protein Drinks

o   Low-sodium Pull-tab Soups

o   Low-sodium Single- Serving Meals (Non-Frozen)

o   Low-sodium Crackers

o   Green Tea (Regular and Decaf)

o   Canned Vegetables

o   Hard Candies, Chocolate

Non Food Items:

o   Diapers (Baby & Adult)

o   Baby Food

o   Toilet Paper

o   Toothpaste

o   Toothbrushes

o   Soap

o   Paper Towels

Items in BOLD are priority items

Thank you for your Support and Heart to help!

Clay & Kathie - (561) 600-7117